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Possessive determiners and pronouns. A-Fill in the gaps with my, your, his, her, its, our or their. 1- Mr. Brown has got a new car. colour is red. 2- 'Where is Sue?' 'She's washing hands.' Possessive pronouns or Possessive determiners - Exercise 1 Task No. 3129 Choose either the possessive pronoun or the possessive determiner from the drop down menu Possessivpronomen, Possessivbegleiter im Englischen - Übung Aufgaben- Nr. 3118 Wähle aus den Vorgaben den Possessivbegleiter (Possessivpronomen, das als Adjektiv verwendet wird) aus Englisch Übungen für Possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their) mit Regeln, Beispielen und Lösungen. PDF exercises. Englisch Arbeitsblätter für Possessivpronomen (Possessivbegleiter) mit einfachen Beispielen zum Online-Lernen mit Erklärungen. Possessive Pronouns exercises für Klasse 5, Klasse 6, Klasse 7, Klasse 8 und Klasse 9

English Exercises: Possessive determiners and pronoun

Kostenlose Übungen, Aufgaben und Erklärungen zu den Possessivpronomen für Deutsch am Gymnasium und der Realschule - zum einfach Herunterladen und Ausdrucken als PD Weitere zu den »Possessivpronomen« passende Übungen und Erklärungen. Weitere Übungen und Erklärungen zum Thema » Possessive Pronouns (Possessivpronomen)« findest du hier: Personal Pronouns - Personalpronomen (I, you, he usw.) Relative Pronouns (Relativpronomen) im Englischen; Übung 1 zu den Personal Pronouns; Übersicht der Übungen zu den Wortarte 1. Setze die passenden Possessivbegleiter ein! (Put in a possessive determiner - my, your, his, her, its, our, their-). D She's my best friend. _____ name is Becky. D _____ cat is nice, Sarah. D They are the Millers. That's _____ house. D The monster is over there. But _____ friends are here. D We are new here. That's _____ house over there Englisch Übung zu Pronomen richtig lernen und üben - my, your, his.. Possessivpronomen (possessive adjectives) - Wenn du sagen willst, was wem gehört, dann benutzt du: my - mein your - dein / deine /dein - Ihr / Ihre / Ihr (sing.) his - sein her - ihr its - sein (e) / ihr(e) / sein(e) our - unser your - euer / eure / euer (pl) their - ih Possessivbegleiter, Fragewörter, S-Genitiv oder Plural s, Uhrzeit, Personalpronomen (Objektform), (to) have got, a oder an, Verb (to) do, some oder any, Präpositionen. Klassenarbeit 1193 Dezember. Possessivbegleiter, Plural, Häufigkeitsadverbien, Simple Present, (to) have got

Possessive pronouns and Possessive determiners - Exercise

  1. Übungen. Possessivbegleiter - Übung 1. Possessivbegleiter - Übung 2. Possessivbegleiter - Übung 3. Possessivbegleiter - Übung 4. Possessivbegleiter - Übung 5. Pronomen und Possessivbegleiter - Multiple Choice Übung. Possessivbegleiter und Possessivpronomen - Grammatiktest
  2. e). [ . ] Check. Show. 3) That coat is (my /
  3. Possessive pronouns Pronouns and question words 89 1. Write down the pronouns in German. Take care of their meanings. a) my d) her g) their b) your e) its c) his f) our 2. Read the following sentences. a. Fill in the correct pronouns. b. Translate the sentences into German. a) I love little brother very much. He is very cute
  4. ers, also called possessive adjectives ( my/your etc. ), come before a noun, whereas, possessive pronouns (
  5. er: I live in England. You are 13. He is at school. She has a cat. We like the red car. You are late. They visit Bristol. My book is new. Your brother is Tom. His name is John. Her cat is white. Our car is red. Your school starts at Their city is old

Possessive Pronouns - Possessivpronomen Englisch. Englisch Übungen für Possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their) mit Regeln, Beispielen und Lösungen. PDF exercises. Englisch Arbeitsblätter für Possessivpronomen mit einfachen Beispielen zum Online-Lernen mit Erklärungen. Possessive Pronouns exercises für Klasse 5, Klasse 6, Klasse 7, Klasse 8 und Klasse 9 Possessivpronomen und -begleiter / Possessive Pronouns and Determiners: Verwendung, Aufgaben zur Unterscheidung. Englisch Übungen mit Videos Possessive pronouns - write 2. Possessive: adjectives & pronouns. Possessive: pronouns - adjectives. Possessive adjectives - pronoun s. Possessive pronouns and adjectives. Possessives: my / mine Adjectives and pronouns - exercises. Possessive pronouns - grammar. Possessive pronouns and adjectives

Possessivpronomen im Englischen, Possessivbegleiter - Übun

Pronouns and Determiners. Possessive Pronouns They show that something belongs to someone ( That book is mine ). They inform you of a person or being who possesses or owns something . without saying the name of the person or being. The form mine, yours, ours... cannot be used before a noun. ( The laptop is ours ) Possessives - multiple choice. Possessives - find the determiners. Write: My - your - his - her Possessive adjectives - exercise. Possessive determiners - exercises. Personal pronouns and possessives. Possessive adjectives. Possessive adjectives - exercises. Grammar - possessive adjectives Personalpronomen (personal pronouns) This/that und these/those; Possessivbegleiter (my, your, his/her) Possessivpronomen mine, yours, his (possessive pronouns) Der Genitiv (The genitive) Personalpronomen als Objekt me, you, him. Possessivbegleiter und Possessivpronomen (possessive determiners and pronouns).Possessivbegleiter.Possessivbegleiter.Possessivpronomen. Telefon 0531 70 88 615 Gutschein einlöse

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Possessivbegleiter ( possessive determiners) sind besitzanzeigende Fürwörter wie die Possessivpronomen ( possessive pronouns) auch. Beide geben an, wem etwas gehört. Sie werden im Satzzusammenhang jedoch unterschiedlich gebraucht. Der Possessivbegleiter steht vor einem Substantiv und gibt an, wem dieses gehört possessive determiners and pronouns. By rifi for revising pronouns quickly; follow-up astudents activity: students create new grammar sheet by taking this as model 1,095 Downloads . Possessive Determiners. By LeandraLopes To practice possessive adjectives. Grammar guide or drill, There's a table with information about possessive determiners. Many phrases... 216 Downloads . Possessive. Do these exercises and decide if a possessive pronoun or possessive determiner is being used. Practice and learn when to use which here Englisch Grammatik Possessive Pronouns (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs) - Possessivpronomen: Liste mit Possessive Pronouns - Possessivpronomen Englisch mit Erklärungen, Reg eln und Beispielen. The dog is mine. Whose We use whose to ask about possession. Choose from the drop down menu. Possessive Pronouns - Possessivpronomen. Personal pronouns or Possessive determiners - Exercise 1. Possessive determiner Possessive pronoun. Clue. 8 They think everything is THEIRS. →. Possessive determiner Possessive pronoun. Clue. 9 This phone is better than MINE. →. Possessive determiner Possessive pronoun. Clue

Possessive pronouns: Possessivpronomen im Englischen Possessive pronouns und possessive determiners. Um zu verstehen, was ein Possessivpronomen (possessive pronoun) ist, kann es helfen, sich Possessivbegleiter (possessive determiners) als Vergleich anzusehen.Possessive determiners sind Wörter, die Auskunft über den Besitz einer Sache geben, zum Beispiel: This is my book. - Das ist. pronombres posesivos übungen - Possessive pronouns and Possessive determiners Informier Dich über unsere Kurse und weiteren Angebote in Wien. Wähle den Kurs, der am besten für dich passt. Online-Übungen zum Spanisch-Lernen In unseren Online-Übungen Spanisch kannst du die Regeln zu diesem Thema interaktiv lernen und bekommst in der Antwort noch . LOS PRONOMBRES possessivoS.

Übung 1 zu den Possessivpronomen (my, your, his, her, its

1. Check your grammar: multiple choice - personal pronouns and possessives Choose the correct word to complete the sentences. 1. Could you / her / your take a message, please? 2. They showed us all they / their / ours holiday photos last night. 3. I'm sorry but these seats are my / their / ours. 4. Sandy and I / me / her are going to the café Possessive pronouns exercise - fill in mine, yours, his, hers, ours or theirs Pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns and possessive pronouns. These are used to replace nouns in sentences. It is also important to learn possessive adjectives when learning these forms. Use the chart below and then study the example sentences chart. Finally, practice by doing the exercises. Pronouns and Possessive Forms Subject.

1. A little tact would have saved the situation. 2. Of the three, opera, movies and music, the last is his favorite. 3. The book you mention is out of print. 4. I dislike the fellow. 5 Grammatikübungsblatt possessive determiners In diesem Übungsblatt werden die possessive determiners behandelt. In verschiedenen Aufgabenstellungen müssen possessive determiners eingesetzt werden Possessives: worksheets pdf, handouts to print, printable exercises. Possessives, pronouns and adjectives. Determiners and pronouns With Lingolia Plus you can access 9 additional exercises about Possessive Pronouns, as well as 904 online exercises to improve your German. Get 3 months membership for just €10.49 (≈ $12.48). Learn more about Lingolia Plus here. Possessivpronomen - Zusatzübungen. Become a Lingolia Plus member to access these additional exercises

English Possessive Pronouns - Possessivpronomen (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs) für Klasse 5, Klasse 6, Klasse 7, Klasse 8 und Klasse 9. Possessive pronouns Übungen mit Regeln, Beispielen und Lösungen Interaktive Übungen helfen dir beim Lernen. Videos, Audios und Grafiken erklären dir jedes Thema. Mit dem Klassenarbeitstrainer bereitest du dich auf deine Englisch-Klausur vor. Mit dem Lernmanager hast du alle Aufgaben im Blick. Genau das Richtige lernen - mit kapiert.de drei Tage kostenlos. Die Testlizenz endet automatisch English Exercises > determiners exercises. Possessive adjectives and determiners. Downloadable worksheets: 7th Form Test - Personal identification, physical and psychological description Level: intermediate Age: 12-14 Downloads: 104 : Personal pronouns and Possessives Level: intermediate Age: 10-100 Downloads: 97 : Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Level: elementary Age: 10-17. Possessive adjectives - exercises. Possessive adjectives - exercises. Possessive adjectives - exercises. Subject pronouns / possessive. Possessive determiners. My / your / his / her / its / our / their. Subject pronoun or possessive. Possessive adjectives - exercises. Possessives - grammar exercises By joyfullyjess. This a list of all of the pronouns in the English Language. It includes: Subject Pronouns, Object Pronouns, Determiners, Possessives, Ref... 9,125 Downloads. POSSESSIVE DETERMINERS. By loveteaching. With this worksheet students practise possessive determiners

Pronomen - my, your, his, her, its, our

Übung der Possessive pronouns, passend zu More 1 U6. Zuerst werden die Personal Pronouns wiederholt, danach werden die Possessives zugeordnet. Anhand der Schreibhilfe und der Tabelle sollen die Kinder dann Sätze schreiben. (In der linken Spalte müssen noch Bilder der Aktivitäten eingefügt werden There are dependent and independent possessive pronouns in German grammar, both types have to be declined. Possessive Adjectives. Kostenlose Übungen und Arbeitsblätter für Englisch in der 6. Then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises. Possessive pronouns or Possessive determiners - Exercise 1 Task No. The car is ours. Possessive pronouns indicate possession. Examples: The. Possessive determiners and pronouns Exercises to understand the difference between determiners and pronouns. Level: intermediate Age: 12-100 Author:sandra cunha Fullscreen : Family members Have fun practicing vocabulary related to family! Level: elementary Age: 4-100 Author:Ivette Fullscreen : SUBJECT AND OBJECT PERSONAL PRONOUNS AND POSSESSIVES I´VE TAKEN THIS EXERCISE FROM ONE OF MY. › Lernen › Grammatik › Pronouns › Übung. Übung zu Pronomen. Possessivpronomen attributiv. Ersetze die Wörter in Klammern durch das richtige Possessivpronomen! Where are (you) friends now? Here is a postcard from (I) friend Peggy. She lives in Australia now with (she) family. (She) husband works in Newcastle. (He) company builds ships. (They) children go to school in Newcastle. (I. Possessive Adjectives - Exercise 2. Fill in my, your, his, her, its, our, their. 1. Ann likes teachers at school. 2. Is this Peter's book? No, book is in the schoolbag. 3. Mary, is this your bike

Possessive pronouns ضمائرُ الملكيةِ في اللغة العربية - YouTube

Possessivbegleiter - Grammati

› Lernen › Grammatik › Pronouns › Übung. Übung zu Pronomen. Possessivpronomen substantivisch. Ersetze die Wörter in Klammern durch das richtige Possessivpronomen! This book is (you). The ball is (I). The blue car is (we). The ring is (she). We met Paul and Jane last night. This house is (they). The luggage is (he). The pictures are (she). In our garden is a bird. The nest is (it. Nouns and possessive determiners in the plural. Which personal pronouns go with which nouns and possessive articles? Select the correct solutions. Das sind die Bilder. ich: du: er/sie/es: wir: ihr Possessive pronouns exercises with answers . Possessive pronouns sentences. Online exercises with questions and Possessive pronouns positive and negative sentences. Possessive pronouns exercises and answers. Possessive pronouns and English grammar worksheets, grammar rules, grammar exercises. Possessive determiners exercises. 英语在线练习. Exercícios das aulas de Inglês grátis online. Determiners: include categories such as articles, demonstratives, quantifiers, possessive pronouns, and numbers.All singular and some plural nouns require a noun marker such as a, the, this, those, my, each, some, all.; express information about a noun such as specific / unspecific (a), definite / indefinite (the) singular / plural (this, these), near or far (this, that), quantity (some, few. Fill in the right possessive pronoun (mine...) or possossive determiner (my...) Emma and Linda went shopping for shoes. Emma told her mum about it. Emma: We both bought shoes. Hers; Mine; my; My; yours ; are red silver. I don't like . Hers; Mine; my; My; yours; shoes to have more colours on them. Mum: So . Hers; Mine; my; My; yours; are sporty shoes and what are Linda's? Emma: Hers; Mine.

Select the possessive determiners fit with each pronoun. More than one answer is correct Possessive pronouns and possessive determiners. As subject nominative as object accusative and dative as an adjective as a noun. Use possessive determiners before a noun and possessive pronouns in place of a noun. The books are for us. Examples in english include possessive forms of the personal pronouns namely. For example to the english personal pronouns i you he she it we they there. Personal pronouns and possessive pronouns exercises. Put in the correct personal pronouns or possessive determiners. Choose from the drop down menu. He can carry the bags himself. Lucy1983 3 january 2018 1802. Fill in exercise on possessive determiners and possessive pronouns in english with explanations. Exercise on reflexive pronouns. The books are ours. The bus stop is near house.

Subject and Object Pronouns , Possessive Pronouns and

Englisch Übungen für Possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, its, our, your, Das Kennwort muss mindestens 8 Zeichen lang sein und Zeichen aus den drei folgenden Gruppen enthalten: Klein- und Großbuchstaben, Ziffern und Sonderzeichen.kapiert.de ist für Computer und Tablets optimiert. Interaktive Übungen helfen dir beim Lernen Possessive Pronouns - Elementary English Course (Exercises) 1. Elementary English Online Course Possessive Pronouns Handout I Rewrite the underlined senteces using possessive pronouns. The first two have been done for you. 1. Is that my news paper? Is that mine? 2. It isn't his car - it's her car? It isn't his - it's hers. 3. This is a. Загрузите более 20 000 рабочих листов K-5 Possessive Pronouns Determiners Exercises, чтения, дружественных занятий и многого другого. Найдите понимание концепции игры, руководствуясь инструкциями, а также интерактивные занятия только для.

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Grimm Grammar is an online German grammar reference from the University of Texas at Austin. Page description: Possessive pronouns are a type of determiner, similar in their function to definite and indefinite articles. The accusative case is used to describe the direct object of a sentence. The direct object is the immediate recipient of an action or event Grammar - everything you need to know about Possessive determiners (1) Possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns exercise. Leave a Comment / Aulas / By admin. Possessive-Adjectives-1 DOWNLOAD. possessive-adjectives-his-her-their-esl-grammar-exercises-worksheet-1 Descarregar. worksheets-grammar DOWNLOAD. Choose the correct word. Is this cup (your / yours)? The coffee is (my / mine). That coat is (my / mine). He lives in (her / hers) house. You might want (your. > Other English exercises on the same topics: General | Pronouns [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Possessive case - Possessive or genitive Case. - Possessive adjectives and pronouns. - Personal pronouns, possessives - Whose and use - Possessive idioms - Pronouns and Determiners - Possessive adjectives > Double-click on words you don't understan Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives - table . Download full-size image from Pinterest . Subject pronouns . Before the verb We use subject pronouns a subject of the verb (before the verb) I like your dress. You are late. He is my friend. It is raining. She is on holiday. We live in England. They come from London. Object pronouns.

Pronouns include subject pronouns, object pronouns, and possessive pronouns.These are used to replace nouns in sentences. It is also important to learn possessive adjectives when learning these forms. Use the chart below and then study the example sentences chart. Finally, you can practice what you've learned by taking the quizzes below A possessive pronoun is used instead of a noun:. Julie's car is red. Mine is blue.. A possessive adjective is usually used to describe a noun, and it comes before it, like other adjectives:. My car is bigger than her car.. Remember: There are no apostrophes in possessive pronouns and adjectives.. The dog wagged its tail. It's is not a possessive pronoun or adjective — it means it is Possessive determiners.Possessive adjectives my, our, their are always followed by a noun, and. Now you will practice possessive nouns with a 15-point multiple-choice exercise. I. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. Here is a postcard from I friend Dees. Possessive pronouns are sometimes called possessive adjectives. Reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns have personal. Possessive Pronouns and Determiners - Exercises. Personal pronouns, Possessive determiners, Possessive pronouns in Show example 7 Secrets for ESL Learners - FREE download. We use possessive determiners to show who owns or possesses something. a. Possessives, pronouns and adjectives. Choose the correct possessive determiners. English grammar exercises online. They modify a noun by.

Possessive pronouns and determiners worksheets Index of contents Index of contents English Grammar Tenses Tense Comparison Verbs Verb Conjugator Nouns Articles Pronouns/Determiners Adjectives Adverbs Conditionals Prepositions Sentences Exercises Listening/Reading Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Numbers, Dates, Time Countries/Nationalities Themed Vocabulary Idioms. Possessive Adjectives. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. Where are (you) friends now? Here is a postcard from (I) friend Peggy. She lives in Australia now with (she) family. (She) husband works in Newcastle. (He) company builds ships. (They) children go to school in Newcastle. (I) husband and I want to go to Australia, to A determiner will always be followed by a noun. Of course, sometimes the noun can be omitted. This usually happens when the meaning is clear. Some types of determiners are limited. For example, there are only three articles (a, an, the) and a handful of possessive pronouns (mine, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs, whose etc. Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives 1. Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives 1 Click on the correct answer. Choose the correct word for each space. Show all questions = => Jody has lost _____ book. ? mine ? her ? hers ? theirs; Junko has eaten her lunch already, but I'm saving _____ until later. ? hers ? her ? my ? mine; This bird has broken _____ wing. ? it's ? its' ? hers ? its; Was.

This is a fun way to learn possessive pronoun. This activity incorporates the use of a board game that uses the pronouns mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, and theirs. Teacher Materials by Gina Andersen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License... Ahmed Elghandoor ahmed. Fremdsprachen Lernen Lernen Tipps Schule Englischunterricht Wortschatz. Possessive Pronouns and Determiners (Possessivpronomen / -begleiter) Der lateinische Begriff pro nomen bedeutet im Deutschen für ein Nomen. Pronomen sind also Wörter, die Nomen ersetzen. Possessivpronomen sind besitzanzeigende Fürwörter. Sie ersetzen Nomen, die zusammen mit einem Possessivbegleiter eine Zugehörigkeit oder einen Besitz ausdrücken. Possessivbegleiter Possessivbegleiter. Microsoft Word - Possessive Pronouns and Determiners.docx Created Date: 2/5/2019 5:31:36 PM. There are various weak possessive pronouns (also called as possessive determiners) used as determiners before the nouns (such as My pen is broken). Examples of weak possessive pronouns are my, his, your, its, our, her, and their. There are some strong or absolute possessive pronouns also which are stand on their own such as mine, his, yours, its, ours, hers, and theirs. Exercises for You. We.

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Determiners in english grammar class 8, determiners for class 9, determiners class 10 cbse. the topics covered in the lesson on determiners are articles, dem. Possessive pronouns examples. possessive pronouns with explanations, examples and exercises. change the following sentences into possessive pronouns and learn with english online exercises. free tutorial possessive pronouns. english. When a noun comes before the gerund, we can apply the possessive case to that noun. The gerund in this case acts as a noun. {see Possessive Case, A1 level}. The structure of possessive with gerund is: We start with the clause followed by a noun, the possessive case (with the 's), the gerund and then the rest of the sentence.. For example Possessive adjectives are not pronouns, but rather determiners. It is useful to learn them at the same time as pronouns, however, because they are similar in form to the possessive pronouns. Possessive adjectives function as adjectives, so they appear before the noun they modify. They do not replace a noun as pronouns do Oct 16, 2015 - With this worksheet students practise possessive determiners. Students need to match pictures and sentences and complete the gaps with the right determiner. The.. Possessive pronouns and adjectives: use. A possessive adjective comes before a noun in a sentence, while a possessive pronoun stands alone, and can be used in place of a noun, such as in the sentence: 'This is mine'. Here are some examples which show where possessive pronouns and adjectives can be used in a sentence: - This is *my* horse, Fred.

possessive pronouns in nominative, dative and accusative

Possessive Determiners (1) A1 Possessive Determiners (2) A1 Possessive Determiners (3) A1 A2 Apuntes Idiomas Inglés Gramatica inglesa Pronouns Exercises - Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Rodriguo 16 noviembre 2020 Completa con un adjetivo posesivo o un pronombre posesivo, según corresponda. Show Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives exercises 1. 2. Match the word or. Some of the worksheets below are Possessive Pronouns Exercises Worksheets, exploring the common possessive pronouns viz mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs with exercises like rewrite each given sentence using a possessive pronoun from the word box for the underlined word Basic Instructions. Once you find your worksheet(s), you can either click on the pop-out icon or download button to. 2: Possessive Adjectives and Demonstratives 39 Rule 1. Subject pronounsare I, you, he, she, it, we, they. Subject pronouns usually occur before a verb. Rule 2. Possessive adjectivesare my, your, his, her, its, our, their.Possessive adjectives occur before a noun (my car)or an adjective + noun (my new car). Rule 3 this is my phone (possessive adjective); this phone is mine (possessive pronoun); this phone belongs to a friend of mine (noun + of + mine / yours / his, etc); Exercises I/my, you/your, he/his, she/her, etc.. exercise 1: choose I/my, you/your, he/his, she/her, etc.; exercise 2: choose my, your, his, her, his, our or their; exercise 3: match the possessives on the right to the pronouns on the lef Possessive pronouns are the words that replace nouns to show possession. They are found in the nominative, accusative, and dative case only. Remember: select the possessive pronoun for whoever the.

Possessive pronouns. The following sentences are missing possessive pronouns. For each sentence, choose from one of four options and fill in the missing possessive pronoun. Remember: A possessive pronoun shows possession. For e.g. Hier ist mein Haus. The possessive pronoun mein indicates that the house belongs to me Personal pronouns Before the verb : Possessive determiners. Before the noun. The determiner and the noun can be substituted by a pronoun (He, She, It or They). Possessive pronouns (your house is mine) After the verb - I - You - He, John, the postman, my father, your grandfather A determiner is a word that precedes a noun to specify quantity (e.g., two cats, many mice) or to clarify what the noun refers to (e.g., his house, those dogs, the mouse). Determiners cannot have a comparative form, and many determiners reference something else, making them like pronouns. This is how they differ from descriptive adjectives

possessive pronoun worksheetPossessive forms: possessive determiners and the sPossessive adjectives &-pronounsPronounsPossessive Pronouns – Possessivpronomen inkl

Possessive Determiners as the name suggest are used to ascertain the possessiveness of an article, noun or any person etc. The words/list/examples of Possessive Determiners are - my, its, his, their, her, our, and your. Please note that the possessive Determiners should not be confused with possessive pronouns i.e. me, him, you, he, she, they, etc Subtypes include personal and possessive pronouns, reflexive and reciprocal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, relative and interrogative pronouns, and indefinite pronouns. Possessive determiners (from Latin: possessivus; Ancient Greek: constitute a sub-class of determiners which modify a noun by attributing possession (or other sense of belonging) to someone or something English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the use of whose + possessive pronouns with printable exercises. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - No-Derivatives 4.0 International License

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